During the Covid pandemic, with many travel restrictions in place, I decided to invest in a new tool to improve my photography skills - a drone. i have always been fascinated by aerial photography and have been considering buying a drone for some time, but the lockdown restrictions finally gave me the time to research and purchase one.
Drone photography in Lebanon can be an incredibly rewarding experience, with the country's diverse landscapes and beautiful coastline providing some truly stunning opportunities for aerial photography.
what i loved the most is the new perspective that the drone gave me and the photography opportunities that i got in the different locations. i don't forget the day i hiked with my friend till up the hill and when we reached and as soon as i set my drone in the air, i can see a whole village from the other side of the mountain with small lakes used for agriculture. i discovered a very nice link between photography and hiking that day. sadly i lost my drone in the sea few days after when i was going after a fishing boat and lost connection.
As i became more proficient in using the drone, i began exploring more distant and remote areas, discovering hidden gems that i have never seen before. i captured breathtaking shots of landscapes, lakes, and mountains, and i felt a new sense of creativity that i had never experienced before.
Despite its small size, Lebanon boasts a diverse range of landscapes, from sandy beaches to rugged mountains, deep valleys, and lush forests, making it an excellent destination for drone photography. 
its beautiful Mediterranean coastline, with long stretches of sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters. From above, you can capture the unique beauty of the coastline, with its stunning rock formations, hidden coves, and vibrant seaside towns.
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